San Isidro

março 1, 2010

In 2007 we participated in an international competition to design a luxury Loft building in Lima, Peru.

concept model


The proposed design was developed with the idea of mutation as the main design parameter. We attempted to incorporate flexibility in every aspect of the apartments building because we understand contemporary living as an exercise of constant change, constant transformation.

With that in mind we developed several elements of the project as mutant entities. The façade is constantly changing in response to internal and external transformations. For instance, it is very important the fact that the residents can change the position of the bedroom, the stairway and even the kitchen with relative ease.

For that matter, kitchen and bathroom were designed as corian modules that can be placed in any portion of the apartment. Those modules are not designed to endure frequent moves but it would be an easy option in the moment of the purchase or as part of a later renovation.

The façade panels made of perforated PVC sheets are moved by remote control, working as shading devices and noise barriers. Also operated mechanically by remote control are the bedroom/veranda witch slides out of the building over a track structure. Eventually the room is halfway outside allowing direct views of the pyramid, the sky and the city.

In order to achieve different levels of privacy the design uses several layers glass in different degrees of transparency, from the most transparent at the outside perimeter to the most opaque in the inner light prisms. This ‘crystal prism’ crosses the entire building, lighting it up and ventilating the corridors, the pilotis and the deepest areas of the apartments.

At ground level, the pilotis was lowered 110 cm below street level to allow visual integration and permeability without making it too exposed to the public street.

At the terrace we suggest a vegetation ring of bamboo at the perimeter for privacy and ambience, with a deck puncturing through to allow for a perfect view of the pyramid. From the pool area and from below the deck the pyramid can be seen as filtered by the bamboo.

CLIENT: Arquitectum

LOCATION: Lima, Peru

DATE: 2007

AUTHORS: Horizontes Arquitetura e Urbanismo (Gabriel Velloso da Rocha Pereira, Luiz Felipe de Farias e Marcelo Palhares Santiago), Fernando Luiz Lara e Matheus M. F. de Melo